In today’s class we are going to watch the first part of a documentary film called We Shall Remain. The film focuses on what happened after the English colonists began taking over land in what became known as Massachusetts. The main tribe that the film focuses on is the Wampanoag tribe. Several issues we will think about are the massacres, the different way that indigenous people think of their relationship to the land, assimilation, and forced conversion to Christianity.

As you will see I posted a timeline, some maps, and vocabulary for you to work on learning. I also want to share some historical parallels for you to think about. Christopher Columbus, who American colonists consider as the European who “discovered America,” but who in reality opened the door to colonization of American Indian lands, wrote these words in 1492 to King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella after his first voyage to what became known as the Americas, Columbus promised them that he would:

…conquer the world, spread the Christian faith, and regain the Holy Land and the Temple Mount.

After his final voyage he wrote to them suggesting a “fifth crusade” because:

Jerusalem and Mount Zion are to be rebuilt by the hands of Christians as God has declared by the mouth of his prophet in the fourteenth Psalm.

There is an Arabic translation of some of this history in the book that Rania gave to you.

Also, some of you asked about statistics of American Indians in the United States today, below are some graphs that show you statistics from the last U.S. census in 2000, but you can read more at this website:

Picture 2

Picture 1



Marhaba ya shabab! I am creating this site for you to have links to more information about indigenous issues that we will discuss in our class this summer. I will be posting audio, video, art, maps, and news about indigenous people around the world, but mostly in the Americas to prepare you for your solidarity visit at the end of the summer. If there is anything you want to know, or if you have any questions please let me know!